Road Out of Hell

I was working at Festus Memorial on the evening of August 26th 2021.
Mike Osher, now Mayor of Chrystal City, had arranged for Bob Borman to fly Kaitlyn who at the time was undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer, and her mum to Lambert's Cafe for dinner.
There was a weather front coming in from the North so I remained at the airport keeping watch, sending weather updates to Bob, so that they could enjoy their dinner and fly back before the storm hit.
It worked, by a small margin, but always within minimums and safely.  I have a photo of Bob's aircraft, on approach, landing light on, wheels up to minimize the turbulence, making its way over the trees for runway 01. Great flying Bob!
With one interesting glitch that I cherish, for I believe Jesus, Kaitlyn and Stephanie are in heaven and smiling as I write.
Bob's aircraft does not like being low, slow and having its wheels up. As the helpless passengers bounced in the turbulence of the approaching front, on approach, wheels up, getting lower, the slow flight warning was triggered.
I wish everyone could see the light in their eyes, the glow in their faces as they shared the feelings in that moment.
It was the "puckah" moment" of all "puckah" moments. 
I pray that you and Stephanie are dancing with the Angels!
This is when Savannah Angels was born!