Road Out of Hell

April 8th 1996; Verity announced that it has acquired my company InSite Computer Technology. It had been difficult to adjust to a civilian life after the military service in Angola. My wife Julie and I had moved to England in 1988 to make a fresh start. The marriage had still failed. InSite had been forced on me. Self employed sounded better than terminated.

InSite had been fortunate. A combination of right place at the right time, and a needed talent for public speaking, inherited from my late father. I was proud of my decision to sacrifice regular contact with my daughters by moving to the United States. The money from the sale would guarantee their private school fees, and (in truth) provide the life I felt I deserved.

How quickly it all changed. Verity's market share collapsed. My drinking accelerated and I became less employable by the day. On October 10th 1998 I was stopped for a DUI and so began my - Road Out of Hell.


I hope you will enjoy this first interview. The story begins in South Africa, travels through military service, marriage, business, children; success; alcoholism, early sobriety, Buddhism and to Jesus.

At twenty past ten, on the tenth of October 2001 I stopped reading and looked up. I heard “I am the way, the truth and the life, follow me". I was alone and can not say if anyone else in the room would have heard this? But I did!

I got up off the bed and walked out onto the balcony of the apartment. Looking over at the full moon shining across the water I knelt down and confessed aloud to Jesus that I knew I was a sinner. I was convicted to follow Him.

I felt my spirit lifted up, while my body fell to the ground. I wept at the heartbreak I had caused to so many, for my children and their mother, for Angola, for my own situation and for the relief of knowing that God had forgiven me. Not because of any good in me. But through the Grace and blood of His Son Jesus Christ.

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