Road Out of Hell

I recorded this message Saturday 25th July from the Recovery in Christ (RinC) office at Crossroads Church in Gardnerville. It had taken us almost 6 months to set up our video recording. The camera, the lighting and the backdrop. So you can imagine my surprise at being called by by God to leave Gardnerville and to move to St Louis.

I spent the next three days testing the vision I had received with brothers in Christ, who knew me and who had no "vested interest" in any outcome. i) I asked them how moving to St Louis might would reveal Jesus, to Mary and I, to family, to the church, to RinC and to the lost. ii) I intentionally asked if the vision could have been from Satan? iii) I explored if the vision could have been my imagination or troubled mind reacting in fear of our circumstances.

It is easy to say, "we will walk by Faith and not by sight". I hope that this message will give some encouragement to any, who like me, struggle with the short distance between their head and their heart.


Having been persuaded that this was a vision from God I broached the topic with Mary. She knew something was up by my strange behavior of the last three days. But she had no thought of it being a vision from God to move to St Louis. For despite her having a mother, 4 siblings, nieces and nephews, and a growing community of great nieces and nephews, she was comfortable living away from family. More importantly she had accepted position a few month earlier, that God had placed us in Gardnerville until such time as an Angel of the Lord (my exact words) directed us differently.

The trouble is that I (and all of us humans) are NOT perfect. We do not have perfect love. We all have feelings that are misaligned with God's perfect love. The only question that truly matters is, "what fear are we experiencing?". And, "how is this fear we have, or lack of fear we have, causing us to sin"?

I sincerely hope that people finding this page will watch this message?

I pray that you will Email me at [email protected] for I will reply.

Jesus has a perfect 21 days, perfectly tailored for you, if you will seek it.