Road Out of Hell

Every day millions of alcoholics, and people participating in any one the 34 recognised 2 step programs, all over the world, gather together for a "Daily Reflections" meeting. This means a 12 Step style meeting where the meeting topic is taken from the book Daily Reflections ==> Copyright © 1990 by A.A. World Services, Inc. A.A. Daily Reflections is also supported by a web page found at A.A. World Services ==> where the current day's Quote and Daily Reflection are publshed.

Each dated page has a quotation from such sources as Bill W. in Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, A.A. Comes of Age, As Bill Sees It and The best of Bill; Dr. Bob from Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers; and other A.A. Conference-approved literature. Each quote is followed by a personal reflection on the quote, written by an individual A.A. member. The 365 reflections, selected from 1,300 original submissions, are not from professional writers, but are from members speaking for themselves, sharing their experience one member with another.

In the years June 1935, A.A.'s foundation date, to April 1939 when the First Edition of the Big Book was published, the Spiritual elements of the program evolved significantly. At first Dr. Bob, Bill W. and the early members of the fledgling Alcoholics Anonymous met in Dr. Bob's upper room, reading the Bible (Psalm 23, Psalm 91, Sermon on the Mount and book of James) prayed together, asked God to direct their lives, and tried to love other alcoholics by visiting hospitals and sharing the solution to alcoholism that they had found. A solution founded in a relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

By early 1938, as Dr. Bob and Bill W. recognised the need to write down their experiences, the members recognized a need to broaden the Judeo Christian roots practised by Dr. Bob and Bill W. Hence the foreword to the First Edition of the Big Book included, "We are not allied with any particular faith, sect or denomination, nor do we oppose anyone. We simply wish to be helpful to those who are afflicted." While an Appendix was included in the Big Book defining the words Spiritual Experience.

I am deeply grateful for this evolution as without it, as an alcoholic atheist, it would have been near impossible for me to hear that A.A. had a solution for me, or take Step 01, let alone embark on the Spiritual journey that would lead to my Spiritual Experience, exactly 3 years after the fateful night I was stopped for a DUI in San Mateo, by two very surpised police officers.

At the same time I spent many years in spiritual darkness. The Big Book is clear that my drinking problem is actually a separated from God problem. But the history of how A.A.'s 12 steps were given to Bill W. by God in December of 1938 has mostly been lost. It is true that recovery begins by turning to a Gracious loving God who accepts being known as a Higher Power, or as "we undertood Him". But He is also a jealous God who longs for His children to find Peace with Him by accepting His offer of reconciliation through the sacrifice of Jesus for sin.Followed by a life of self will run riot with a life committed to being discipled by Jesus. A life walking by the Spirit, in Faith, with His word as the one and only Truth.

RinC: Daily Reflections ==> are based on the quote of the day, as found in Daily Reflections. Reflections based on Jesus, as revealed through His Holy Spirit. We pray that these reflections, combined with the word of God, will equip those following a 12 Step Recovery Program to know the infinite love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

RinC: Daily Reflections ==> are complimented with the Daily Bible passages selected by Sarah Young, and published in the daily devotional Jesus Calling® Copyright © 2019 HarperCollins Christian Publishers. We encourage anyone following our Recovery in Christ (RinC) reflections to deepen their relationship with Jesus by spending time listening to Him speak, through His word, and through the reflections of Sarah Young published in Jesus Calling® .

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