Road Out of Hell

The Prologue is my eye witness account of the Battle of Luso, in particular the killing opf the Luso Monster, the afternoon of December 10th 1975. I have attempted, as best humanly possible, to accurately write down my memories. I have spoken to General Laubscher, compared our combined memories with his diary, and read all accounts of the men in armored cars who were present on the runway that day. It was a battle in a war, it was also my entrance into hell.

In Part One that follows; Garrett has gathered the political history that led to me being born into a cold war era, and then followed the global developments that were placed in motion to parallel my birth and my formative years.

We have attempted to bring the historical context to life through a writing style called dramatized history. This is to take real historical events and real historical figures, while developing fictional conversations around what might have been said. 

This dramatized history is interspersed with a biographical account of my early years. These biographical accounts are 100% accurate; with particular attention being given to how my life was miraculously spared; and my character perfectly developed for the task that no one knew lay ahead.

Later in the story we focus on my personal narrative of what happened in Angola; culminating in my my eye witness testimony to the Battle of Luso.