Road Out of Hell

Our Vision
To provide education to those suffering the consequences of emotional disorder.

From PTSD: in particular those who served in Angola and those that served in the gulf wars.
From Death: in particular for parents and families who have lost a child.

Our Purpose
To provide education to our families and our communities.

  • To raise the public awareness of emotional/moral injury.
  • To deliver in person and on-line recovery programs.
  • To have a safe environment for people to be heard.
  • To link to support services and financial aid.

Our Core Values
There are many self help programs that can assist in recovery from moral injury, and it's common symptoms of substance abuse, pain medications, anger issues, binge eating and financial mismanagement.

We believe that the only way to an eternal peace with God, for the lives that we have taken, begins by knowing forgiveness in Christ. Our injuries may not be visible, but they are no less real than any missing limb.        

We help those who have been mentally injured by meeting them where they are:

  • To listen attentively without judgement.
  • To accept each person for who they are.
  • To really care about each person who needs help.

It is impossible to understand every detail of a mind that has been wounded. We can begin by saying that we know you exist, we will listen you, and we promise that you never need to be alone in your struggle.